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Product Introduction

Fire retardant panels are made of rock-wool fibers imbued with fire resistance resin which increases fire resistance of the rock-wool panel against fire and reduces flame spread. Rock-wool innately resists against fire spread and is not flammable which eventually is rendered as a fire-retardant material. In case of fire incidents, the structural beams and members lose their strength due to constant heat which eventually results in collapse of the whole building. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to insulate the columns and walls with fire retardant materials. Rock-wool panels are not only thermal insulation but also excellent fire retarders which easily maintain the strength of the structural members up to 10 hours in case of fire incidents. Rock-wool fire retarder panels are produced according to AST C612.

Product Specifications

Product Usage


·        High fire resistance

·        Prevents fire spread

·        Excellent dimensional stability

·        Excellent thermal insulation

·        Proper acoustical properties

·        Free from hazardous materials

Fire retarder panels are installed between walls which require fire protection or flame spread restrictions such as wall , roof ,doors and gates, steel beams and places holding electrical cables or gas pipes and etc. Panel thickness and the resin type are prominent factors in fire resistance.

Density kg/m3



Density kg/m3







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